Things to Look for When Selecting a Baby Nurse


A baby nurse is a great help to parents every time an infant is born, whether they are first-timers or are also caring for older children. Selecting the right Baby Nurses in New York is crucial in getting the kind of support you need during these physically demanding times.

Aubrey Totcare Agency wishes to help make the selection process easy for you. Here are some things you should look for when choosing your baby nurse:

  • Qualifications
    Check on the credentials and qualifications of the professional. As much as possible, they should be CPR -certified and licensed as nurses to look after your infant.
  • Experience
    You also need to take a look at the experience. An experienced Filipino Nanny will make use of best practices and skills gained over the years.
  • Manner of Caring for the Baby
    The manner in which the nurses care for the baby is also a great factor. Do they read or sing to calm a crying infant down? How long are they holding the infants in their hands in a day? It will be best if their answers coincide with your baby’s preferences.
  • Cost
    Of course, the cost is a given factor. Check the rates of various nurses and compare them. Choose one that is your money’s worth.
  • Duties
    You have to know which duties they will be performing. While they will most likely perform duties such as helping the baby go to sleep or feeding them, you should know what they specifically can and cannot do.

A baby nurse is a good support system. If you have decided to take advantage of a baby nurse’s services, contact us! We are a reliable Nanny Agency in New York City, New York that will address your and your baby’s needs.

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