Why should I choose Aubrey TotCare Agency?
Eliminate the stress and inconvenience of conducting the search yourself. Have the peace of mind when you choose us knowing all the candidates we refer are fully screened and qualified.
How long is the process for booking a candidate?
The process would normally take between 2-6 weeks from your registration to hire.
Baby nurses can be booked as early as your first trimester. However, we will assure you that you will have one when you give birth.
What is your screening process?

There are five major steps in process to screening our candidates:

  • They fill out an online application form.
  • We pre-screen them by conducting a phone interview.
  • We verify the references of all previous employment experiences followed by a verification of education and other trainings.
  • If we find them suitable, we then schedule a personal interview.
  • Lastly, we do a criminal, sex-offender, DMV (if applicable) and social security number check to establish work authorization.