Our Company

Since our establishment, we have set the standard for excellence and placed numerous caregivers, nannies, and housekeepers in the homes of our clients in the tri-state areas of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, focusing in Manhattan and Hampton, New York. Aubrey Totcare is a fully licensed and bonded professional staffing and nanny agency in New York City, New York. We represent fully-trained and carefully selected professionals with an exceptional level of skill in providing care.

The company is named after our founder who would like to reflect the way her very own mom, Julie Tolentino, who took care of them from childhood. Julie is a loving, caring, and thoughtful mom whom every child can wish for. She ensures that her children are well-fed and cleaned. She sees to it that the home is clean and accommodating so that when her family comes back from school or work, they will find a relaxing and comforting ambiance. She ensures that her children sleep well. When the little ones get sick, she goes out of her way to monitor their health, manage their medications, and prepare their meals to ensure that they recover quickly. This is the kind of excellent care and love that Aubrey hopes to pass on to the clients and families of Aubrey Totcare.

Our Commitment

We recognize that no two families are the same. All of our services are tailored to match each family’s unique circumstances and requirements. We are committed to assisting families to find the reliable and professional nanny, caregiver, or household staff that they need.

Our Mission

  • To provide hardworking parents with professional and caring assistance in raising their precious tots
  • To be the foremost agency expectant mothers and parents would call to help them take care of their tots

Our Vision

  • A household with parents able to pursue their interests without the stress of raising and taking care of their child
  • Babies and kids growing up in a caring and nurturing environment

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