10 Newborn Care Essential Tips

10 Newborn Care Essential Tips

Giving birth to your child can be a very touching experience. Whether you’re new to parenthood or not, it’s always vital to be reminded of the following care essentials:

  1. Whether you decide to bottle-feed or breastfeed your child, ensure they’re being fed every three hours in the first few weeks since birth.
  2. Right after feeding, when they already stop sucking, it’s important to let them burp. Lift them up, and lay their head on your shoulder, so their tummy rests on your chest. This position can help them burp correctly.
  3. Take some sleep when your baby is also sleeping. When it’s necessary to get help from Baby Nurses in New York, contact us for one.
  4. Be generous with your love and attention. Hold your newborn often preferably through skin-to-skin contact.
  5. Crying is a newborn’s way of communicating their discomfort. The top three reasons are hunger, wetness, or illness.
  6. Always respond immediately to your child’s crying. If you’re new to parenting, a Filipino Nanny can help you soothe your baby’s cries.
  7. Communicate with your newborn as often as possible. For ideas on what to talk to your child about, simply describe the activities you’re doing for them.
  8. Read to your newborn. As early as infancy, you can already help develop a child’s communication abilities by constantly reading to them.
  9. Massage your child’s arms and legs gently, especially when you’re bathing them. Soft massages can help strengthen them.
  10. Find quality infant care and assistance from a Nanny Agency in New York City, New York to also give you some personal breaks when caring for your loved one.

Does this post remind you of someone? All parents can relate to the unifying experience of childbirth. While the pain and care challenges are present, there’s also the rewarding experience of having a fresh life added to the family.

As parents, you may find your role very demanding. Don’t hesitate to get some assistance as much as possible. Our team at Aubrey Totcare Agency is here to provide you the kind of help you need.

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