Eyes Here! Here is How Sleeping Benefits New Motherhood


Welcome to fresh motherhood!

If this is your first time, or if you’ve been a mom for long, you must have been educated about certain expectations, which include sleep deprivation. As a team of Baby Nurses in New York, we know how lacking enough sleep can be a real struggle for new (or not-so-new) parents (yes, including the mom’s partner). However, we do encourage you to always find time to get enough sleep because it benefits you and the baby in the following ways:

  • With enough rest, you can be more alert in responding to your baby’s needs, such as feeding, napping, and even diaper-changing.
  • When the new mom is able to sleep well, they can avoid falls, injuries, and other accidents caused by lack of focus.
  • When the mom is able to sleep right, their milk supply will produce better. Hence, the baby can also feed better.
  • When the mom has just given birth, they can be emotionally sensitive in the coming days and weeks. This can result in irritability. However, this can be prevented when they have slept well.
  • When the new mom is able to feel less stressed due to good sleep, they can also communicate well with those around them.
  • When they have slept properly, new mothers also have reduced chances of developing post-natal depression, which can affect their overall wellbeing.
  • With good sleep, the new mother will also have a good appetite and improved metabolism, which is going to reflect into quality wellbeing.

For these reasons and more, our Nanny Agency in New York City, New York aims to make your motherhood experience more memorable, meaningful, and manageable. You deserve to get some good sleep, and we’re here to help you with that.

With our team of Filipino Nannies, you can have a dependable professional who will assist you so that the new motherhood can be a relaxing experience. Are you in need of this help? Contact us at Aubrey Totcare Agency.

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