Baby Milestones to Look Forward To

Baby Milestones to Look Forward To

Being a parent is one of the most fulfilling responsibilities to look forward to. Committing to the role brings both happiness and difficulties. Then again, watching your child grow and develop adds purpose and meaning to life.

As a nanny agency in New York City, New York, we have listed down some baby milestones to look forward to:

  • Growth
    At about 12 months, your baby’s weight may have likely tripled. After this period of continuous growth spurt, the baby’s weight gain will start to delay as his or her activity level increases.
  • Motor Skills
    If your baby has reached his/her first year, you can expect to witness them being able to stand alone. Better yet, they might also take their first steps! For the majority of parents, this is one of the most enjoyable milestones their baby has achieved. Make sure to document your baby’s first steps!
  • Communication
    Babies learn language by imitating what their parents say. One-year-olds tend to become more social at this point and are starting to comprehend what other people say. Hearing simple words like “mama” or “dada” gives a great fulfillment for parents in itself!

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