At Aubrey Totcare, we recognize the need for quality child care. We are here to help you find the perfect nanny to match your family’s needs. Whether you are looking for part-time, full-time, or temporary care, we will connect you with a highly-trained and reliable nanny who can provide all of the support that you need at home.

We understand that no two families are the same. Our placement specialists are dedicated to finding the most suitable nanny to care for your children. We take pride in referring only the most reliable and qualified nannies who match your family profile. Our nannies are trustworthy, enthusiastic, and dependable professionals!

baby sleeping

They can provide services such as:

  • Changing diapers for babies
  • Bathing babies
  • Bath supervision for older children
  • Cleaning and preparing bottles for babies
  • Washing and ironing children’s clothes
  • Planning and supervising nap and bedtimes
  • Implementing children’s daily routines
  • Tidying bedrooms and play areas
  • Transporting children to school and other activities
  • Planning, preparing, and supervising children’s meals
  • Diciplining, caring and loving your children

We also offer:

  • Summer Nannies
  • Travel Nannies
  • Reliever Nannies
  • After School / Night Nannies

The rates for our nannies are the following:
1-2-years experience ($18-$19/hour)
2-3-years experience ($19-$20/hour)
3-5-years experience ($20-25/hour)
5-years experience ($25-up/hour)

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For service arrangements or other concerns, feel free to contact us for assistance.