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Are you looking for skilled couples who can manage your home whether or not you’re around? Domestic couples provide unique personal services in a home so that the household chores are done smoothly and efficiently. Domestic couples can serve in a primary residence (where the owners are currently staying), secondary residence (where the owners go for their vacation or temporary stay), or both.

Since every home has unique needs, Aubrey Totcare Employment Agency helps you find the domestic couple that matches the current needs of your home.

Accordingly, domestic couples are divided as to their skills and responsibilities, namely the following:

  • Inside Couple
    • Conducts deep cleaning of the residence
    • Finishes the laundry and ironing of clothes, fabrics, linens, etc.
    • Cooking for the family including special occasions
    • Maintaining vehicles including cleaning and scheduled servicing
    • Driving when necessary
    • Overseeing other personnel who do repairs, sales, or building
  • Outside CoupleTheir duties are similar with the inside couple’s but they have additional outside tasks including, but not limited to, the following:
    • Knowledge of doing household repairs including plumbing and electrical concerns
    • Gardening needs including mowing and trimming
    • Painting the home along with carpentry needs
    • Cleaning windows
    • Maintaining the pool or play areas
  • Management CoupleAlong with the skills and responsibilities of the inside and outside couples, management couples also perform the following additional roles:
    • Managing other personnel at home
    • Planning and arranging parties at home
    • Hiring and supervising vendors from outside
    • Knowledgeable of the home’s security systems

If you’re searching for qualified domestic couples to oversee your home, we can match you with the skilled couple that fits your preferences. Our staff at Aubrey Totcare Employment Agency will respond to your inquiries. Kindly fill out the form below.