Selecting the right baby nurse or newborn care specialist for your precious little one is a crucial decision to make. With this, we’re recommending that you book for these services early, ideally at the time of your pregnancy.

At Aubrey Totcare, our care specialists will be assisting you in selecting the best candidate to take care of your baby. Our pre-screening process is undertaken strictly, hence, you can trust that your pick is among the top professionals in the baby nurse industry.

You also get to make the final decision on how long the baby nurse will be assisting you. We recommend a minimum of three months as it’s the ideal time to need assistance after giving birth. We will gladly arrange an extension for you provided that you give us two-week advance notice.

caregiver bathing a baby

Among the tasks of a Baby Nurse or Newborn Specialist include:

  • Teaching and counseling the mom and the rest of the family about newborn care
  • Teaching the mom on bathing and feeding techniques
  • Assistance in changing diapers and appropriately clothing the baby
  • Counseling on breastfeeding
  • Monitoring mother’s and baby’s health
  • Umbilical and circumcisions care
  • Providing nursing care to newborns
  • Supervising safety and security
  • Establishing cleaning and sterilizing habits
  • Maintaining cleanliness in the nursery room
  • Monitoring a baby’s schedule through a journal
  • Reminding or accompanying the mom for pediatrician appointments
  • Providing love and care to both mom and child

Baby Nurse Rate:
$350.00-$600.00 for Singleton
$450.00-$750.00 for Twins
$600.00-$850.00 for Triplets

To book a Baby Nurse, get in touch with us.

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